Leather Cutlery holder

Item number: HIPDRAAGTZ

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Leather holders / tubes

To attach to the HipTray 

Holds cutlery, dinnerware, wine bottles, beverage bottles, etc.

Made of 3 mm thick saddle leather

The bottom is extra reinforced with texon

Diameter 10cm

Cognac brown or black leather (same materials as the carrying strap)

You can attach up to 4 cutlery holders to the Hiptray

Extra clips for the attachment points can be ordered.




Place 2 cutlery holders; 1 on the left and 1 on the right.

Use 4 attachment points. This makes it easier to work, as you do not have to take into account what the front or back of the Hiptray is.

The fixing points (clip system) are easy to fit.

The attachment points (clip system) are easy to place yourself.

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