Did you know that every day, around the world,

we use more than half a billion plastic straws?

By 2050, there will probably be

more plastic than fish swimming in our oceans…



Our Hay Straws



That’s why our Hay Straws are made of 100% natural materials.

Our cocktail straws and normal straws are made of 100% wheat.

Once harvested, we cut the grains into sustainable wheat straws.

The milkshake straws are made of 100% natural materials as well.

That sips well!


Natural. Gluten free!

Our straws are made of wheat and nothing else.

But wait a minute.

Doesn’t wheat contain gluten?

Yes, it usually does. But our straws don’t.

They are perfect for those following a gluten free diet!

The straws can even be used safely by

those with a gluten intolerance


Hand-selected wheat


Our wheat is harvested by hand and

only the best grains are exclusively hand-selected for Hay Straws.

The result is a premium wheat straw characterised

by the very highest quality standard.

100% compostable


Hay Straws are 100% natural and compostable.

Simply throw away the straws in your compost bin after use.

Because plastic waste is so 2018.

We prefer everything to be biodegradable.

Long live compost.


We support small farmers


We prefer to buy our wheat from small farmers.

We like to give them the opportunity

to benefit from sustainable wheat production.

The less residual waste, the better.

We the sustainable straw; they fair financial remuneration.


Minimal processing


Compared to paper straws which are pulped using chemicals,

Hay Straws are 100% natural.

Once harvested, the wheat is cut to length

and then rinsed thoroughly three times

in sterile water to remove dirt and bacteria.

Chemicals are NEVER added.


Eco packaging and FSC® paper



Our straws are packed in unbleached kraft boxes

that use soya-based inks.

All our communication materials are printed

on sustainably recycled and FSC®-certified paper.

And of course, all our straws come in plastic-free packaging.

You know it makes sense!

Our Hay Straws