Cookie Policy

  • What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that is saved by your browser on your computer when you visit our website.

This information can be returned to us at your next visit. This way our website will be able to recognize you.


  • Why do we use cookies?

Cookies make sure that our website is fast and that you can visit our website safely.

The cookies also make certain that we can see how the website is used and how we can improve our website.

On top of that are our cookies able to be used to show you advertisements specified to your own interests.


  • Which cookies do we use?


Functional cookies

These kinds of cookies are necessary to let the website function.

Without these cookies some preferences (ex. Language settings) cannot be saved.


Google analytics

To test the quality and effectivity of our website we use Google Analytics.

This way we can see how the website is used and how we can improve it.

We have an editor agreement with Google.

Which means that Google will not use the data collected by these cookies for own purposes.


Tracking cookies

We ask you for permission to place tracking cookies.

Based on the pages you have visited we can show you advertisements which we think can be interesting for you.


Social media

On our website you can find buttons from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and WhatsApp.

For example, with these buttons’ pages can be shared on social media.

Through this code social media collects information from these buttons even before you press one of these buttons.

We don’t have any influence on that.

With these cookies social media makes it possible for advertisers to find you.

To see what happens with your personal data collected by these cookies you can read the privacy policy yourself.

How can I look into my personal data, edit or delete it?

You can send an email to


  • How can I deactivate or delete cookies?

You are in the position to choose to give permission for the placement of cookies.

You can also go to the internet browser and block cookies there.

It depends on the kind of browser how you can set this up.

Most of the browsers give an explanation for it in their help function.

If you block cookies there is a chance that our website will not function that great anymore.